Terms and Conditions - Handlarbudet Trading AB

The following terms and conditions are applicable to car sales via Handlarbudet Trading AB; Swedish incorporation number 559388-5345, VAT ID SE559388534501. Handlarbudet Trading AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of InternalCars Europe AB, incorporation number 556779-3178.


1. Export of vehicles - Terms and Conditions


Deductible VAT is available on a vehicle by vehicle basis. Advertised vehicles usually have a preliminary note whether VAT is deductible or not. Final decision on Deductible VAT is always determined upon entering into agreement of purchase.


Within the EU, Handlarbudet Trading AB reserves the right to invoice VAT or not. For domestic and outside of the EU, VAT is always invoiced.

Buyers without valid EU VAT ID will always have Swedish VAT invoiced on the vehicle.


Buyers outside of the EU may have a vehicle invoice without Swedish VAT (if VAT is deductible). Such invoice is coupled with a required deposit of the corresponding VAT sum (25% of vehicle price excl VAT) repaid after export registrations are finished.


Handlarbudet Trading does not currently export vehicles to Belarus, Russia or countries outside of Europe.


Vehicles are sold on a FCA delivery basis. It is the buyer's responsibility to collect the vehicles at the car dealer/facility where they are located in Sweden.

Vehicles may NOT be picked up in person. Professional carriers must be used for pick up and transport to buyer's country.


Handlarbudet Trading does not offer, or arrange, temporary registration plates. Vehicles must be transported using carriers.


When a vehicle has been purchased by an export buyer through Handlarbudet Trading, it will be deregistered in Sweden. Swedish registration papers will be sent to buyer.

Existing number plates will be/must be removed before loading of vehicle on carrier.


CoC is available for vehicles on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. If not existing, CoC may be a acquired at an additional fee.


Payment is made versus invoice from Handlarbudet Trading and should have proper reference number, either Swedish registration number, VIN or invoice number.

Handlarbudet Trading is not able to offer payment by financing or bank loans for exported vehicles.


Vehicles are sold on FCA basis: the buyer is responsible for collect/pick-up of vehicle. Once loaded on transport, it is the buyer's responsibility and insurance that applies.


Buyer should use a carrier with warranties/guarantee. Such guarantee must contain the following information:

Requester of the shipment (Buyer company name)

Pickup address

Delivery address

Car markings (VIN, which is provided on Handlarbudet Trading's agreement/invoice)

Carrier's VAT number

Carrier's signature


Any cost for customs declaration and customs duty are not included in Handlarbudet Trading's services and must be arranged by buyer (usually for non-EU export)


Handlarbudet Trading and buyers both agree in assisting to communicate CMR documentation for export transports.


EU buyers registered for purchase from Handlarbudet Trading must have a valid VAT ID, and provide company registration documents providing guarantee that this VAT ID belongs to the buyer's incorporation.




2. Domestic sales of vehicles - Försäljning inom Sverige


Handlarbudet Trading fakturerar alltid moms på sålda fordon, oavsett om fordonet har moms eller VMB. Moms eller VMB framgår på faktura.


Fordon säljs med fraktvillkor FCA - det är köparens ansvar att hämta upp fordonet hos den bilhandlare/anläggning där bilen är placerad.


Fordon måste betalas innan upphämtning, kreditspärr släpps och ägarbyte sker


3. Self Invoice - Självfaktura


Självfakturor utfärdade av Handlarbudet Trading skall bedömas som ett godkänt avtal parterna emellan såvida inte motpart lämnar skriftlig invändelse emot detta inom 3 dagar från mottagande av självfaktura.

Self Invoices issued by Handlarbudet Trading are deemed as an agreement between the parties unless corresponding party does not provide written disagreement within 3 days from reception of self invoice.








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